Signage - 3D Text

3D Text

Adding that third dimension to fascias or building livery gives a depth to your signage which is truly attention grabbing. A sense of movement can be achieved which really draws the eye to your message.

Flat cut text and logos can be produced in a wide variety of finishes.  High-gloss colours, brushed aluminium and bronze, printed overlay and mirror effects are all available.

Acrylic moulded text and logos give further depth to your livery with a true 3D look.  Each letter is individually moulded giving depth to the letters.

Materials Focus
For different types of process we can use acrylic, aluminium composite or foamboard. Stainless steel works beautifully and even timber for traditional carved mouded letters. Even cast iron letters are still made.  
Moulded or Flat?
A flat cut letter is a single skin of material standing off the wall by usually 25mm. Moulded letters or built up letters are a true 3d letter with formed edges - a bit like a box.
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