Signage - Fascias


The fascia or entrance signage of your premises has a really tough job. It is truly multifunctional signage as it has to inform, entice, direct and divert existing and prospective customers on many different levels of awareness. The nature of your product and the style or manner of your business should be instantly accessible at a glance to those who pass by and those who dwell a moment. It should invite in passers by but still leave them with unanswered questions to bring through your door.

At Alpha Signs we understand this first impression. We have the creativity, care and skills to create the right look for your business, in the right materials and with the right emphasis.

Our initial contact will generally be a site survey, paying particular attention to the details of location and lighting, alongside the nature of your neighbours presentations (we want to outshine them). Considerate use of materials combining different types of livery allow us to offer a full package of services to fully dress your premises. 

Installation by our team will always be seamlessly timed to fit in with your deadlines, effective and supportive of your opening dates and leaving a clean tidy site at the time when you need fewer tasks to complete, not extra chores!!

Materials Focus
Aluminium composite flat panels, aluminium signtrays, acrylic built up assemblies, foamboard panels in frames, combination media panels and even good old-fashioned painted timber. We do them all. (and more)
fascia /ˈfeɪʃɪənoun (pl) -ciae (-ʃɪˌiː)
  1.  the flat surface above a shop window
  2. (architect) a flat band or surface, esp a part of an architrave or cornice
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