Signage - Hand Lettering

Hand Lettering

We are very fortunate to have access to a traditional signwriter with 25 years experience of hand painting signs on natural materials.  His work is a pleasure to see created in his own workshop with the greatest of patience and care.

Even with the incredible advances of sign making materials, there are still tasks for which paint and skill are the only solutions. 

Painting direct to stone and plaster or in conservation areas where natural materials are a planning necessity are just a couple.

Painted pub signs, gilding, caricatures and calligraphy are all services we can offer, often combining modern materials with the best of traditional hand lettering.

With Great Pride
I present my father, Phillip Rushworth, who has been mastering hand lettering since I was in primary school. Many hours in his workshop, as man and boy, have left me with the greatest of respect for what is very much an art form. 
Traditional Signwriting
Gloss paints, enamels and inks.  The smell of white spirit and a timescale based on how long it takes for paint to dry. The warmth of identical letters being different and the certainty that every job will be, must be, a one-off.
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