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Pavement Signs

There is a wide range of pavement signs available from budget pressed aluminium a-boards to the giant windmaster swinging systems.  We are happy to advise on the best solution for your needs as required.

Poster frame a-boards are available to allow for information panels, which may need changing on a regular basis.  Smaller clip frames can also be combined with permanent text for added flexibility.

For areas that are prone to heavy winds there are frame systems and weighted base systems available.  These will put up with the worst of our weather and still look their best for years to come.

'A' boards
Conventionally called 'A' boards due to the traditional version having a cross section similar to a capital 'A', more modern versions are much more stable and come in a wide range of styles.
Our most popular
By far the simplest design and the best performing pavement sign we have seen in years. The ecoflex is durable, stable yet lightweight and cost effective.
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