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Safety Signs

Although possibly the least attractive part of a signmakers portfolio these can be the most vital.  The obligation to provide adequate fire safety signage and health & safety is one that affects all businesses.

To comply with the Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996, Safety signs and signals are required where, despite putting in place all other relevant measures, a significant risk to the health and safety of employees and others remains.

Signs must be clear and legible, and should be used to identify actions that are prohibited (eg no access), safeguards that must be followed (eg ear protection must be worn), warning of a hazard (eg corrosive material) and to direct towards fire exits/equipment or first-aid equipment.

We have extensive catalogues of safety signs, all of which can be produced as hard panel signs or self-adhesive stickers for application on site.  Bespoke labels for machines and equipment can also be designed in-house to your specifications.

Site safety boards are also available along with the standard warning signs needed to maintain site safety awareness.  These boards can be customised with company logos and contact details as required.

Safety Markings
See our Safety Markings section for more images of reflective livery and chapter 8 chevron kits on vehicles.
Confused about safety?
We have long experience with the provision of safety signage and are happy to advise or support becoming compliant.  We also have access to a H&S professional who can assess and support your business if required.
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