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Window Graphics

To complement your fascia signage or as the primary focus for your building livery, window graphics can be vital to your business. Informative or decorative, they catch the passer by at eye level and finish the look of your livery.

Allowing privacy without loss of light or as a decorative element, frosting is a popular choice for window graphics.  With the option to put coloured text and logos behind the film or cut graphics within the frosting itself, this is one of the most versatile options for your windows.

Occasionally the purpose of the window livery may not be to inform the public of anything at all!  It might just be required to look good, complementing logos or styles elsewhere on the premises.

But isn't it dark?
One of the most common questions about window livery. Printed colours, opalescent films, tints, etched glass effects and silver frosts all allow light transfer. Visualise a sunlit church with great panes of stained glass - window livery can even bring your colours inside 
Eye level and eye catching
Pedestrians never look up. Window livery works at eye level, both connecting the fascia to the shopfront and framing your window displays.
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