The sheer volume of statistics and 'recent surveys' available online to 'prove' that signage works is really quite impressive. We've kindly added an infographic to the bottom of this page to save you some of the effort required to look this up yourself.


The bottom line though is quite straightforward. Every single word, letter, icon or number you see out in the public domain is part of the whole we refer to as signage. Ranging from the safety information in our roadsigns, to the directional and informative content we are bombarded with on a daily basis, all of this content has been produced to get your attention.

Our job at Alphasigns is to ensure that in this highly competitive world of multiple messages and information overlap we help you stand out from the crowd. Making it easy for your customers to find you, to remember you, to describe you to their friends. Helping to extend that one glance at your fascia, the turn of the head, the short moment when that one person glimpses your logo.


Amongst all that information, the background noise of the high street and beyond, our role is to help you be the one that stands out. Signage does work, it has done for generations, but in this modern age of information overlap and overload we can help you become the one that's remembered, the place where people stop on impulse, the business with the signage that really works.


and on to the infographic.....

27 Striking Statistics on Effective Outdoor Signage

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Why have signs?
Signs are the 'silent salesperson' for your business. Always there, always consistent, designed to emphasize your products, services and the ethos of your company.
A bit of history.
The earliest definate records of advertising, executed in stone and on bricks, are as early as 3000 B.C.  These 'signs' mark the first beginnings of business as mankind trades for goods.
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